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Welcome To Killer Shark Marketing.

Killer Shark is a medical marketing company focused on what matters most for your practice – ROI (return on investment). Our model was designed with one purpose in mind : More Butts in Seats at your office!


What We Do and Why We Do it.

We use a variety of internet strategies to fill your appointment book, because we believe that great doctors deserve great patients, and vice versa.


1 Telephone Interviews:

You know your business, and we know marketing.

An initial interview with you, or someone from your practice empowers us with the knowledge we need to design & execute a powerful web marketing campaign for your business.

2 Properly Optimized Website Built for Conversions:

With a website from Killer Shark, you’ll be branded as an authority in your market, and your website will be a patient generating magnet.

We marry a sleek, custom design with proven conversion principles to attract and convert your website visitors to new patients.



3 Content creation:

High-quality content powers the web and generates more leads for your practice. We deliver content in a variety of mediums that works for you 24/7.

Your content will never get sick, and it well never take a day off.

4 Content syndication and promotion:

We promote your content like a heavyweight title fight.

Simply put, you’ll be highly visible in the places your ideal patients hang out online.


5 Detailed Reporting:

Track it all with phone and email lead reporting, as well as detailed website performance reports. We let your key performance indicators (KPI’s) tell the story.

internet marketing to increase phone calls at dental practice

6 Adding Long-Term Value to Your Practice:

Start adding value now that you can cash in later.

Whether you already have an exit strategy in mind, or will in the future, we will help build the value of your practice for the long haul.


Our doctors average a 4 to 1 return on their investment month in & month out.

To find out how, watch this video.

Our doctors
average a 4 to 1 return
on their investment
month in & month out.

To find out how,
watch this video.

We hand pick our clients very carefully. If you're serious about growing your business, apply below: