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Need More New Patients at Your Dental or Orthodontic Practice? Let's Talk.

We Specialize In Complete, HIPAA Compliant Web Marketing Campaigns that are Designed and Measured to Bring You More New Patients Without You Lifting a Finger. Isn’t that Exactly What Your Marketing Should Do?

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First, I want you to know this is going to be a very different marketing message than what you're used to hearing.

Why are you reading this page right now? Are you looking for more new patients, but don't know where to turn? Have you tried one of the big companies, only to find out they treat you like an "account" and not a real person?"

We're different on purpose. We pride ourselves on developing deep, meaningful relationships with our clients and their businesses which enables us to provide a superior level of service to fewer clients.

Based on this model, we actually turn down more business than we accept. In fact, there's a good chance you were referred to us by one of our clients, because we do very little marketing for ourselves, and focus all of our energy and marketing prowess on creating great marketing campaigns for clients that get results (i.e new patients).

While a lot of companies are out there trying to figure out how they can sign up 1,000 dentists and orthodontists and scale their marketing services business, we're building relationships with clients that share the same core values as we do.

For us, it's about working with the best clients, not the most clients.

We’re small (on purpose). This breeds an atmosphere of accountability and transparency. Every single client matters.

We’re stealthy. A small, lean team of marketing experts means any changes can be implemented swiftly. You’ll never wait months for a website update (most updates happen within 48 hours). We have core values that guide our personal and professional lives. Read them below:

Our Values

These Values Guide Our Personal and Professional Lives

Always have a servant’s heart.

Be humble. You have two ears and one mouth.

Continuously move forward. Never settle.

Earn the trust of others through your actions.

Killer Shark is a HIPPA compliant, dental & orthodontics marketing company focused on what matters most for your practice, getting more new patients.

You’re not paying for a bag of tricks or a handful of shiny objects that change every month.

You’re paying us for a well-oiled, tested, and proven machine that gets predictable, repeatable, and most importantly profitable results. To learn more about our model and how it all works, watch our video.