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We Specialize In Complete Web Marketing Campaigns that are Designed and Measured to Bring You More New Patients Without You Lifting a Finger. Isn’t that Exactly What Your Marketing Should Do?

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Welcome To Killer Shark.

You can hear that automated voice now... “Please enter your account number, followed by the pound sign.”

Not here. Not at my company. It ain’t gonna happen.

Hi I’m Jeff Hopeck, Founder of Killer Shark Marketing. We’re not fancy. We don’t have a big office with hundreds of employees, and we have a sincere disdain for cheesy marketing slogans. To be honest, all we’re good at (and I mean really good at) is building custom, hand-crafted websites and marketing campaigns that drive new patients to your practice.

Fortunately, you’re likely reading this page because you were referred to us by one of our current clients, which means we’re exactly what you need...right now.

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Small Team. Big Clients. Bigger Results.

We’re small (on purpose). This breeds an atmosphere of accountability and transparency. Every single client matters.

We’re stealthy. A small, lean team of marketing experts means any changes can be implemented swiftly. You’ll never wait months for a website update (most updates happen within 48 hours). We have core values that guide our personal and professional lives. Read them below:

Our Values

These Values Guide Our Personal and Professional Lives

Always have a servant’s heart.

Be humble. You have two ears and one mouth.

Continuously move forward. Never settle.

Earn the trust of others through your actions.

Our Proven Model

Killer Shark is a medical marketing company focused on what matters most for your practice – ROI. Our model was designed with one purpose in mind: Put more butts into seats at your office!

You’re not paying for a bag of tricks or a handful of shiny objects that change every month.

You’re paying us for a well-oiled, tested, and proven machine that gets predictable, repeatable, and most importantly profitable results. To learn more about our model and how it all works, watch our video.