“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” – Mother Theresa


I was born and raised in small town Pennsylvania and learned from an early age that it's possible to do anything you set your mind to. My father drilled that into my head from day 1, and even today it's one of the guiding principles that keeps me grounded and incredibly passionate.

One childhood dream I always had: to be in the U.S. Secret Service. And after graduating college, I actually set out to accomplish that dream. After a 2-year grueling application process (background checks, physical testing, psychological evaluations), I was hired as a U.S. Secret Service Officer with my first duty at the White House. In my first 18 months, I co-founded the White House golf league for Officers, Agents and Technicians, which still exists today!

In 2005 I was selected to be part of the Presidential Advance Team. One of my favorite experiences was spending 2 weeks in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I went on to visit 44 states in America and pieced together a handful of international visits, including India, Germany, Spain, Canada, and Mongolia.

Following a Dream

In 2006, after making a very difficult decision to move on and pursue a burning passion to become an entrepreneur, I set out to tackle the hardest dream of my entire life: owning a business. I had no idea what challenges were to come!

My first venture was in international importing (a product that has become mainstream known as a kettlebell). I started a personal training business using a product that I grew passionate about in my Secret Service training days. The business served both the B2B (selling mass quantities into big box gyms, health clubs, and boutique personal training studios) and B2C (selling kettlebells to consumers and clients that I personally trained with one on one).

In 2008, I wrote and self-published 2 books. My entrepreneurial journey soon evolved into public speaking and leading the charge towards building a personal brand for helping people feel better about themselves by making small lifestyle changes known as healthy habits!

During this time I was handling the Internet Marketing for my business. But as the brand grew, I was forced to find a good company to take over the Internet Marketing/Lead Generation for my company. What I uncovered after a handful of attempts was that the Internet Marketing space is full of snakes, or people who promise you the world and merely take your money and disappear, while leaving you high and dry. Then, I had a light bulb moment....

"I wonder how many other business owners have this same problem."

I quickly found out that almost every business owner in my network had nearly this exact same experience with "marketing people"--something I had no idea would hold true 6 years later!

Founding Killer Shark

In 2009, Killer Shark Marketing was created with the sole purpose of helping business owners once again feel comfortable with using the internet to market their businesses. "Enough is enough, I am setting out to change the entire Internet Marketing landscape," I would say!

In the first year alone, Killer Shark Marketing became a 1 million dollar company! "Business owners were referring other business owners to us faster than we could hire people." And the vision for Killer Shark Marketing was off to the races.

"Regardless of how successful Killer Shark becomes, my focus is on people. How can I help somebody today? That's what makes it all worth while."

My video bio

My appearance on the Northeast PA Business Journal. It walks through my guiding principles, core values, my business philosophies and more.

My wife Katie

My wife Katie

My siberian huskies Mako & Si (love them so much despite them chewing our house apart!)

My siberian huskies Mako & Si (love them so much despite them chewing our house apart!)

Shark fishing (my favorite hobby of all time)

Shark fishing (my favorite hobby of all time)