Is Blogging the Key to More Customers?

Why you should be blogging:

blog-square Did you know that according to WordPress (the leading content management system in the world), over 2,000,000 blog posts are published each day? That’s a lot of zeros, I mean a lot. While many business owners seem to think that blogging is just something mom’s do to show off their adorable kids, it’s much more than that. Blogging is a cost-effective, serious lead generation tool used by all types of businesses from small startups to fortune 500 companies.

Still, one of the most common questions we hear is “will blogging work for my industry?”

If you are in the business of selling products, services, or raising awareness, then blogging flat our works, period. With the right strategy and execution, it can work for you too. That’s where Killer Shark can help.

What we will do:

Killer Shark knows how to “dive deep” and perform market research that is critical to your blogging and content marketing success. In fact, in many cases we’ve uncovered elements related to a client’s target market they were not even aware of!

It’s this thorough approach to research and writing that makes blog posts written by Killer Shark second to none.

We research, write, post, and optimize all of of your blog articles for maximum exposure via search engines and social media.

Here are a couple of the articles we’ve written that have perfomed very well for our clients, helping them establish authority in their markets and win new business in the process:

How blogging and content marketing can grow your business:

It’s pretty simple. According to multiple marketing surveys, companies that blog consistently generate more leads from the web than those that don’t.

Each time you write a blog post discussing a specific issue or problem within your market, your website can rank for a whole new series of keyword phrases, meaning more targeted traffic (and ultimately new customers) for you.

Ready to transform your static website into a blogging, lead generating machine?

If you’d like to learn more about how blogging services from Killer Shark can help grow your internet presence and establish you as the go-to authority in your market, give us a call today, or contact us using the form below.