Whether it’s heads in beds or butts in seats, we understand the new patient acquisition journey.


We Live by a Code!

If you are here because someone we know has referred you to Killer Shark, then we'll get right to the point. When you become a Killer Shark client, what it really means is you've become part of The Family. And, there is little we care more about than The Family. We do whatever is necessary to serve, protect and elevate its members. But not everyone is a good fit. The question is, "Are you?"

The Killer Shark Family lives by several unwavering values:


The Killer GuarantHRee

Our firm has been dominating markets for its growing family of businesses and practices since 2007. And to each of them, we made the following GUARANTEES that we would like to extend to you:


And "no contract" means "no risk." When you hire Killer Shark, you have absolutely nothing to lose. The risk you face is if you continue to hire the same "wannabe" marketing firms doing "things" that were done back in the 90's promising "things" that don't matter. What really matters is CONVERSION. We promise it. We track it. We deliver it. 'Nuff said.


After we engage with a client, the rules get thrown out the window so that we can willingly pour ourselves out for those who have entrusted us with their marketing and brands. And what we deliver is way more than just marketing. We also deliver "Loyalty & Commitment" which are both priceless. 


Our goal is not only that you are happy with the results we deliver, but that you are also happy with your experience along the way which typically results in a long-lasting "Partnership & Friendship." And when those become the foundation of any endeavor, the final result can only be one thing... Market Domination!