Track Phone Calls from the Web in Real-Time with Killer Shark Call Tracking

The goal of any marketing campaign is to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately drive revenue. Web marketing is no different.

In fact, one thing you’ve probably heard before is that with a solid website marketing plan in place, you should be generating consistent phone calls for your business day after day.

Sounds great in theory, but how do you know for sure that’s actually happening? How do you know that your website is producing the results you are looking for?

It’s a question many business owners struggle with. Maybe they think their marketing is working, but how do they really know for sure? How can you, unless you track it?

Welcome to SEO-friendly call tracking with Killer Shark

What if every single call that your business received directly from your website could be tracked, recorded, and evaluated for lead quality? That’s exactly what you get with our call tracking service.


Here’s what you get

Dynamic number insertion software that automatically tracks each and every phone call using a local tracking number that is unique to your website.

Many call tracking services are not “SEO friendly” because they may cause search engines to associated multiple phone numbers with your business, leading to confusion for search engines and customers. Our software shows the tracking number to your human visitors, but search engine bots still see your real phone number. This preserves NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency which helps your search rankings.

You can listen to calls anytime to ensure that your employees are handling calls appropriately. You can also access a missed calls report to identify lost opportunities and make corrections.

We will send you a report every 30 days that entails the total amount of calls that were generated from your website so you can directly tie ROI to your website marketing efforts.

Here’s why it matters

With call tracking from Killer Shark, you’ll be able to use straight-forward, quantitative data to see how your campaign is performing.

This means no guess work. You don’t have to wonder how many calls your website is generating, or if your numbers are going up or down. The phone call numbers don’t lie, and they are right in front of you.


Here’s how it will help your business grow

Ultimately, you’ll be able to use call tracking data to increase campaign performance by coaching your front desk and/or sales reps on how to better answer phone calls and book appointments.

A front desk team that knows how to answer the phone and book appointments is a valuable resource that can make a substantial difference in your bottom line year in and year out.

What should you do now?

There’s no way to know whether or not your website is performing if you aren’t measuring your key performance indicators (phone calls being an important KPI).

If you want to see exactly what your website is doing for your business, then give us a call today. We offer an all-in-one website design, development, and management service that includes call-tracking with no up front fees.

You’ve got data to gain and nothing to lose, so give us a call or contact us here today.

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