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20. How should Client/Dentist/Doctor’s name be written formally on the website?

21. If you are a Doctor or Dentist, list the NPI numbers for each Dr./Dentist at the practice:

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23. Note that your IT contact will be responsible for giving KSM access to your current website, setting up emails, and answering all technical questions for KSM. Please list the contact information of your IT representative below:



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28. Do you have any new doctors that have practiced at other dental offices recently?

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29. Who are your top competitors?

30. Do you have access to your website analytics account that you can share with us?

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32. Do you use call tracking? If yes, what is the login information for each online number?

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34. List username and passwords to social accounts :

35. Are there any additional websites you own that are live on the internet other than your main website? (multiple domains may hinder rankings and be viewed as competing sites):

36. How would you describe the makeup of your client list? (age groups, income, how far are they driving to get to practice):

37. Which practice(s) account for the largest market share in your immediate area?

38. List at least one ‘new patient special’ or ‘online special’:

39. List all words we cannot use on the website (specialist, expert, etc):

40. What email address should receive online inquiries from contact forms on the website? (typically, the front desk email, or main office email receives these):

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