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Dental and Medical practice performance improvement. 


Meet the Founder

After marketing dental offices for the past decade my eyes were opened to how much revenue (NP's) and profit flies out the window every single day. The next natural succession for Killer Shark Marketing was to help dental practices fix these profit leaks so they can perform better. From unused or overlapping software licenses to contracts that no longer represent fair market value, we do a deep dive and examine all opportunities. Our holistic approach is based on sound principles garnered from thousands of hours of working with the top doctors in the country. Here's a look at our method:



OUR consulting philosophy


ANALYZE  ::  Methodical examination of all functions—marketing and operations.

PREDICT  ::  Estimate the future based on data science.

RECOMMEND  ::  Discussion of favorable tactics and strategies.

EXECUTE  ::  Placing tactics into action.

MEASURE  ::  Only that which is measured can be improved.



Solutions We Provide


The Values that guide all we do!

While we know and understand you’re in business to make money, that’s not what it’s all about. At Killer Shark, we have a set of core values that we will not deviate from.