Retargeting: Capture the 97% of Website Visitors that Said “No Thanks” the First Time…

It’s a popular (and accurate) marketing & sales fact; most consumers will not do business with you the first time they come in contact with your brand.

Depending on your industry and what exactly you want people to do (buy from you, fill out a lead generation form, etc.) Most estimates are that between 90-97% of your website traffic comes to your website, browses around, and then leaves your site, possibly never to return again.

The response most business owners have at that point is “we need more traffic,” when in reality the conversation should be “what other marketing processes can we put in place to convert more website visitors to leads and customers?”

Until now, that question has left a lot of business owners scratching their heads, but now Killer Shark offers the secret weapon to solve this problem once and for all; retargeting.


Here’s What You Get:

Retargeting exists to solve this problem and increase conversion rates by following users around the web and displaying ads for your business to them on prominent websites.

This gives you the opportunity to follow up with prospects in a manner that is minimally intrusive. You are simply giving people who have already visited your website the opportunity to do so again in a fast, convenient manner.

Working with Killer Shark on a retargeting campaign is easy, because we do all of the work. You’ll get the following services done for you:

Select the platform that is best suited for your retargeting needs (we currently recommend AdRoll, as they have a large network of websites to display your ads).

Create custom banners (skyscraper, rectangular, and all other common sizes) that are consistent with your website branding to display. We’ll create 3 different banners, and have you approve all of them before we start the campaign.

Provide monthly reporting on retargeting to see how much traffic was generating from retargeting campaigns.

Here’s Why it Matters:

It’s all about getting more customers, clients, or patients depending on your industry. By ensuring that your brand is visible to people that have already engaged with you once by visiting your website, you’re now “touching base” with individuals that you know are already interested and pre-sold on the products or services you offer.

This is How it Will Help Your Business Grow:

By putting your brand in front of individuals who already know, like, and trust you, you’ll be able to recapture lost revenue by getting in front of those people who have already vetted you and want to do business with someone in your industry.

Shouldn’t it be you, and not one of your competitors? (Note: if you’ve ever seen your competitors ads “following” you around the web, it’s because they are using retargeting).

So What’s the Next Step?

If you’d like to learn more about retargeting, and the benefits it can provide to your business, give us a call today. And don’t worry, you won’t be speaking with a junior representative who doesn’t know what he’s talking about; you’ll talk directly with our founder & CEO, Jeff Hopeck.

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