Dr. Brett Silverman
Advanced Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

It’s difficult for a dentist to stand out from the crowd these days. Before Killer Shark, I was always kept up at night by the question, “How do I use the internet to communicate the value I bring to patients?” I’ve worked with a few different web companies, and every time, it was the same old song and dance–updates took forever and I never really saw how my website was helping to grow my practice (it was just a stale, outdated online flyer).

Fortunately, that all changed when I was referred to Jeff Hopeck and Killer Shark Marketing more than 2 years ago, and we still work together to this day.

I needed more than a web designer. I needed more than a marketing guru. I needed a marketing team that understood business, and understood how to position me in the marketplace as a leader. I wanted to help people. I wanted to attract high quality patients for the services that really move my business forward. Killer Shark has delivered all of those things and so much more.

They keep my websites up to date (I don’t even have to ask), and continue to drive more leads and new patients to my doorstep. I can’t speak for anyone else, but hiring Jeff and his team has been one of the best business and marketing decisions I’ve ever made for my practice. If you’re on the fence, hop off now, and call the Killer Shark team.

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