Website Malware Scanning & Firewall Protection

Website Malware Detection

Sucuri's Website Monitoring showing a 100% Clean Site
Sucuri’s Website Monitoring showing a 100% Clean Website

The Sucuri scanning and detection technology is highly sophisticated and effective, taking advantage of remote and server level scanning technologies. This approach allows Sucuri to provide a holistic and practical view of the state of events with each website. It identifies various forms of website malware, non-malware and other malformations such as code anomalies and errors.

Our ability to quickly identify security incidents and act accordingly is the goal of the technology Sucuri has built. This detection engine is coupled with Sucuri’s alerting system that quickly notifies KSM in the event of an incident. The alerting mechanism delivers notifications via Twitter, Jabber chat, Email and SMS.

Sucuri’s research lab works rigorously to update and maintain the scanning technology, making it the most effective and widely used on the market. It leverages both a signature and heuristic approach to detecting security events like malware. It continues to expand to include various forms of detection. We take great pride in our deep understanding of website security and our technology continues to improve as website security threats evolve.

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily and hacker communities are growing across the web. Exploitable websites are easy to find, and every website is a target. Whether you have been hacked once or plagued with reinfections, Sucuri is here to help us respond quickly when you need it most.

Malware Cleanup

Sucuri's Server Scanner showing clean files
Sucuri’s Server Scanner showing clean files

Your website has been hacked. Right now, your visitors – and reputation – are at stake. You’re worried about the cost and time it’s going to take to clean this up. Time is of the essence, and you need help from people you can count on.

Get peace of mind with Sucuri Website Antivirus, the most trusted in the industry. Sucuri fixes hacked sites faster and better than you imagine, and they cut the through noise others depend on. Sucuri is thorough, efficient, and they care about making your website safe.

Whether we detect it, or if someone else notifies you, Sucuri’s team is highly trained and specializes in the most complex infections. They’re not restricted by what our malware / security scanners detect. They welcome all types of infections, whether website defacements, backdoors, Phishing or any other number of attacks like Pharmaceutical injections.

Firewall Protection

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Sucuri’s Firewall showing the various types of hacks and exploits it’s blocking in real time. 486 attacks blocked in one day. This is average. That’s thousands of attacks per week. Hundreds of thousands per year!

Most website hacks come from insecure code being exploited. The attack vector is hidden within the millions of lines of code that make up your website. When a security flaw becomes known, all vulnerable websites can be compromised within a very short time frame.

You need lightning reflexes and robust defenses to prevent hackers from infecting your website. By taking away the methods used to crack your insecure code, the malware author’s attempts become useless. Eliminate all website security vulnerabilities and replace them with a blocking page for anyone who dares to exploit them.

Whether it is zero-day exploits or ancient security patches, Sucuri makes it impossible to take advantage of vulnerabilities in website code. Their Website Firewall uses a whitelist methodology that renders these flaws useless to attackers. Sucuri’s expertise is wide ranging, and they dedicate significant resources daily to analyzing the latest trends and innovating new technology. Their Firewall can withstand many vulnerabilities and environments.

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