Snap. Press. Publish. How to get more website traffic with our “triple threat” social media app

If you’ve ever attended a marketing conference, or heard anyone in your industry speak on the topic of marketing, you’ve likely been told that your business needs to be “active on social media.”

The problem, as we see it, is the advice usually stops there. That’s like telling someone who is obese they need to eat less (duh). Without a blueprint or system in place, how in the world are you going to succeed?

Enter the social media shark…Killer Shark.

The more we talked with our clients and other small businesses owners, the more we realized that they genuinely want to be active on social media, but there’s just one problem…time (or lack thereof).

Who has time to go site by site (with Instagram, Facebook, and your own website being the “big three”) and update their social profiles? Sure, you could have an employee do it, but are they trained on using social media effectively? Probably not.

As always, when we see a problem we set out to solve it, and here’s the answer you’ve been looking for.


Here’s what you get

We’ve developed a unique application that allows you to upload photos to just ONE social media account (Instragram), and it automatically populates your Instragam page, Facebook page, and the photos section of your website.

With the snap of a picture and the press of a button, you can literally update three of the most powerful web marketing platforms you have at your disposal in a grand total of 90 seconds or less.

Here’s why it matters

The reach of Facebook and Instagram needs no introduction. With 90% of your customer base using at least one of these two platforms, you better be there, and you better be in front of your target audience with relevant, timely, and entertaining pictures.

You don’t have the time to spend all day updating your website and social media accounts with great photos, so let our app do the heavy lifting for you.


Here’s how it will get your business more new customers

Marketing your business with photos goes beyond just selling your products or services; you are selling an experience. Your ideal customers can look at a photo, and that can be all the “convincing” they need to do business with you.

By sharing your photos with our Triple Threat app, you’ll be able to sell the result or desired outcome behind the product or service you sell, which is what your customers are really buying.

The end result is that you are streamlining your marketing process by giving people what they want in a simple, visually appealing format that everyone loves to see. That translates into more customers, and more revenue.

Here’s what you should do now

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our app is worth 3,000 words every time you press a button. At Killer Shark, we’ve literally created a push button, automated solution to your social media dilemma.

If you’re ready to get that nagging voice out of your head that keeps telling you to be active on social media, then it’s time to give us a call.

We offer a complete suite of small business web marketing solutions, and when you call us, you’ll speak directly with our founder and CEO, Jeff Hopeck (not some sales rep who doesn’t give a squat about your business).

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started. Give us a call today.

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