Does Your Website Reflect How Great Your Business Really Is?

Maybe youʼve had a good run with your current website, or maybe it has been a tumultouous relationship filled with anger, frustration and perhaps a few choice words. Either way, itʼs time for a serious upgrade.

The web is changing faster than a middle school girlʼs weekly crush, and if you donʼt keep up with the ever-changing technology demands, your business will never reach its online marketing potential.

Thatʼs where we come in.

At Killer Shark, we build websites that work; period.

Hereʼs what you get:

A website that is optimized and mobile-friendly across all devices (responsive design).

Lightning quick changes (most updates are made within 48-72 hours).

Unlimited changes each and every month (great for running events/specials, updating content, changing hours, etc.)

SEO-friendly site structure ensuring customers will find you on the web.

Our websites arenʼt just pretty; theyʼre built first and foremost with conversion in mind.


Hereʼs why it matters:

Your website is often the first interaction potential customers have with your business. If you lose that first battle, you canʼt possible win the customer acquisition war.

If your website loads slow, doesnʼt display correctly on all devices, and doesnʼt look professional, itʼs a very bad reflection on your business.

Ever worked with a web company that took longer to make a few small changes than it took Columbus to sail the ocean blue? If so, you know how awesome instant updates will be.

Ever been nickled and dimed by a web developer? Not with us. You pay a flat monthly fee that never increases. Oh yeah, and we give you a completely fresh, new web design every 6 months.

If you want to get customers from the web, you need a website that will get targeted website traffic, and convert that traffic into paying customers. Our websites are designed and developed using proven SEO and conversion principles.

Want to see some of our work?
Here are some before and after photos of recent projects:

Hereʼs how it will ultimately help your business grow:


The internet has completed reshaped marketing (Itʼs debatable whether people under the age of 35 can even open a yellow pages book). If youʼre not effectively embracing digital marketing (fancy term for using the internet to get new customers) you wonʼt be in business in 10 years.

Having a great website isnʼt just a growth issue, itʼs a preservation issue. If you want to ensure that your business survives and thrives in the digital era, it starts with your website. It starts with being able to get new customers from the internet.

Are you ready to let Killer Shark design and build a custom website that truly shows how great your business really is? Youʼll never have to make updates yourself, and youʼll never have to worry about the quality of your website. With consistent updates from Killer Shark, it will always be top-notch.

Whatʼs the next step?

If all of this value sounds like a sweet deal to you, then we want to hear from you. Give us a call today, or contact us here to learn more about partnering with us.

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